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      A Community of EarthLovers

      Wakingland is an eco-conscious market place that is founded to restore our innate love for nature. We are a group of determined individuals who are pioneering the distribution of truly sustainable products in Dubai and the Middle East.


      Be the Change!

      For all the environmentally conscious consumers looking for organic, eco- friendly products, this is the platform you need to explore. A lot of thought goes into what we do at WakingLand. We cater to all your needs through our products which are carefully selected from independent businesses of like-minded people from across the Globe. 

      Our platform offers products made by conscious producers, using natural materials from the source, to production, and to transport right to your doorstep. Everything - down to the quality of glue on the packaging of our paper tape - is biodegradable and eco friendly.




      We Are All Responsible

      The project intends to hub the independent works of businesses that provide environmentally friendly products: Plastic-free, Handmade, Wellness & Soulfood.

      Every product on our platform comes with a story, and we will tell you these stories and about the people who make these stories come true. 

      We aim to raise awareness of the global issues through a community of warm-hearted people and a deep connection with every sentient being living on our planet