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      My travels all over the world have led me to meet beautiful people from different cultures and different nations. Despite our differences, we all share a common value in our hearts: our love for nature and planet Earth. I have always dreamt of bringing their stories to share with people in other parts of the world, as well as finding a way to support their home-grown businesses by somehow connecting their products to people in all parts of the world. 

      On January 1st, 2018, after New Year’s Eve celebrations, while I was scuba diving on my vacation in Indonesia, I saw the plastic waste surfacing over beautiful blue waves. The  plastic waste had ruined the home of some of the most magnificent creatures who live down there. I saw the world below, covered with plastic curtains and nets on top of it. 

      I was touched deeply by this event and realized that it was time to find a way to introduce to the world those people who are dedicating their lives to protect the environment and nature, while at the same time finding a way to share the stories of their sustainable products. 

      This is where the seed of Wakingland was planted: that we as people, living on this earth's land, are finally emerging from a deep sleep into awakening. We are awakening not only to see the true consequences of our unconscious living, but to take responsibility for the honour and privilege, not simply the right, that we get to live upon this earth and call it our home.

      As the seed began to grow, my family and friends were inspired by what Wakingland could offer the world, and we ourselves started to transform and collaborate for one cause: To preserve our precious planet.

      In July 2020, the Wakingland platform was launched with the help of my sister, Nariman Maalouf, who is currently getting her Master's Degree in Sustainability Management. Nariman fell in love with the idea and channeled all her passion and energy in managing and operating the platform. 

      Soon after her, my mother, May, joined with her unconditional love by writing personalized letters to the customers who made a purchase, with the intention to fill their hearts with a warm, motherly love. Her blessings are very important for the success of Wakingland. Shortly after that, my friends and neighbours joined our team by supporting with marketing and social media, along with our friends in the conscious communities of Dubai.

      Now in 2021, Wakingland has grown into a humble family business that consists of people who are passionate about our responsibility of being stewards of the earth.  

      Wakingland is a platform dedicated to the people who have the consciousness and courage to live a truly sustainable lifestyle, while simultaneously seeking an understanding and connection with the small businesses that create the products that they use. 


      If you have found your way here, then that person is you! 


      Welcome to Wakingland... welcome to our family!